For current gymnasts, Open Gym offers the opportunity to develop skills and routines, or just a moment to have fun doing the stuff you like doing the most. All activities are supervised by Hawkeye Gymnastics coaches in order to guarantee the safety of the participants. Coaching assistance will be offered whenever needed.

Intro to Gymnastics

Hawkeye Gymnastics offers a program for those that are new to the sport. Within the Open Gym, there is an structured program which introduces the sport of Gymnastics to children and adults.  The coaches divide the participants in small groups, based on age and gender, and provide a hands on tour through the various events. It is a great opportunity to experience the Gymnastics’ magic and fall in love with this sport. The program lasts for about 45 minutes and the participants are free to enjoy open gym for the remaining of the time.

Who Can Participate

Children above 3 years old and adults.  Everyone is welcome even if you are not enrolled in Hawkeye Gymnastics. Non students are required to have a waiver (click here for a copy of the waiver) signed before they can participate in the activities. Waivers are good for a year and current students do not need a waiver signed. Children under 6 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Time and Cost

Open gym is on Friday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00pm

* Introduction to Gymnastics runs from 7:30 to 8:15pm.

The fee is $7.00 per person for members and $10.00 for non-members ($2.00 off for each additional family member).

Rules of Open Gym

  • Hawkeye Gymnastics and its staff reserve the right to remove anyone from the gym who does not comply with the instructions and rules imposed in this document.
  • Open Gym is to be used for gymnastics purposes only. Any activity that interferes with other participants or present danger to anyone, will not be accepted.
  • Only one person can be on the event at a time.
  • Flips are only allowed through permission of a coach or supervisor.

Responsibility of Parents

Please read the “Rules of Open Gym” to your child and make sure the rules are understood. Please pick up your children on time.